Elderly woman who botched religious fresco demands royalties – Telegraph

The elderly Spanish woman who ruined a religious fresco with her botched restoration is now demanding royalties from her work after it became an unlikely tourist attraction. An internet petition to keep the repair job garnered widespread support and seizing an opportunity to swell its coffers, the church began levying a 4 euro (£3) entrance fee on visitors, earning 2,000 euros in the first four days. Lawyers acting for Mrs…

Mom scheduled to serve community service hours for chalk vandalism

Even though both sides share their point-of-views, they agreed on a common ground to help beautify the James River Park System. – A typical TV-news style “send them into the laundry detergent commercial feeling happy” story conclusion, designed to train the viewer to think of TV news as a valuable provider of wisdom and establisher of order. Leaving aside that big-picture issue, let’s pick some nits. if they “share their…


Ideal Homeschool Summer Day: Studying Latin, Justifying Nilla Wafers, and Making a Duct Tape Skirt

Today, I managed to get in a couple of hours of web development and PR/social media work that is stretching my skills a bit. The new pack of iPad styluses I ordered from Amazon has shipped. I’m caught up in the online faculty development class I’m taking. My inbox is brimming with opportunities to collaborate and connect and analyze and synthesize, and my to-do list is full of books. On the home…


Seton Hill’s Griffin Holds an iPad in Front of Admin Steps (Blender 3D Models)

I textured the model I created yesterday, and imported into an environment where I was already working on The Griffin. I added the iPad prop to the Griffin’s hand. The railings are the wrong color, the Griffin’s hand needs to be posed to hold the iPad better, and I’ve got to give Griff something to do in this virtual world, but it’s coming along well. Not bad for a few hours’…


Futuristic Acrylic Chair (Blender 3D Animation)

Yesterday, I sketched a chair I found at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art’s “The Art of Seating” exhibit. I had a spare hour, and threw together this Blender 3D model, and let the simulation render overnight. I only sketched it from one angle, so it’s fair to say this rendering is inspired by the exhibit rather than an attempt to document it.

Synergistic Synthesis XVII Sub B1 Chair by Kenneth Smythe

After my daughter’s theater workshop, I took her up the street for a leisurely tour of the Westmoreland Museum of American Art‘s current exhibit, “The Art of Seating: 200 Years of American Design.” Most chairs encountered throughout the day define themselves fairly simply – a place at the family table, a comfortable spot with a great view of the river, a seat of corporate power. When looking at the 43…