Propaganda Techniques: Word Games — Name-Calling

“Bad names have played a tremendously powerful role in the history of the world and in our own individual development. They have ruined reputations, stirred men and women to outstanding accomplishments, sent others to prison cells, and made men mad enough to enter battle and slaughter their fellowmen.” — Institute for Propaganda Analysis (1938) –Propaganda Techniques: Word Games — Name-Calling


See 1,247 vibrant engravings—many in color—from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries ranging from the Antrum of Highmore to the Zonule of Zinn. –Gray’s b>Anatomy of the Human Body (Bartleby.com)

Learn the Text Adventure Programming Language Inform

A follow-as-you-go tutorial, the Inform Beginner’s guide creates three small games of increasing depth. No previous experience of computer programming or interactive fiction design is assumed. This book (available for free as a PDF)  concludes with helpful summaries and reference tables. Firth and Kesserich (edited by Jerz). –Learn the Text Adventure Programming Language Inform(IF Library)


is — besides being further evidence that the Internet spells the end of society as we know it — a novelty service that allows customers to e-impregnate a person of their choice.  The recipient will receive an e-impregnation notice and learn who e-impregnated them, as well as an update on their virtual pregnancy every two weeks (via email)…. –eBunintheOven.com Thanks for the link, Anne. But not quite as good as…

Faking It: Sex, Lies, and Women's Magazines

Women’s magazines regularly fabricate stories about you-know-what: “Many writers, editors and fact-checkers involved with these sex articles (most of whom asked that their identities be protected with the top-secrecy accorded CIA sources) agreed that the editorial standards for them are abysmal.” –Faking It: Sex, Lies, and Women’s Magazines (Columbia Journalism Review) Update, 13 Oct 2005: Updated the URL.Update, 15 May 2009: Updated the URL again.

The Skeptical Environmentalist

: Is environmentalism a science or a political movement?  “The world’s ecosystem is breaking down. We are fast approaching the absolute limit of viability, and the limits of growth are becoming apparent. We know the Litany and have heard it so often that yet another repetition is, well, almost reassuring. There is just one problem: it does not seem to be backed up by the available evidence.” Bjørn Lomborg. [Scientific…