Google Refuses "Who Would Jesus Bomb" Ad

“It’s not about us, and never was. We just run an amateur news and commentary website, and sell bumper stickers to try to make ends meet (which they never do). Being “disallowed” by Google was only a minor inconvenience for us.|For a lot of people, though, it would be a much bigger problem. And it has implications that seem worrisome.” –Google Refuses “Who Would Jesus Bomb” AdUnknown News)

Bin Laden's Victory

“Whatever anyone may say about weapons of mass destruction, or about Saddam’s savage brutality to his own people, the reason Bush can now get away with his war is that a sufficient number of Americans, including, apparently, Bush himself, see it as revenge for 9/11. This is worse than bizarre. It is pure racism and/or religious prejudice.” Richard Dawkins –Bin Laden’s VictoryGuardian)

I Was a Naive Fool to be a Human Shield for Saddam

“Of course I had read reports that Iraqis hated Saddam Hussein, but this was the real thing. Someone had explained it to me face to face. I told a few journalists who I knew. They said that this sort of thing often happened – spontaneous, emotional, and secretive outbursts imploring visitors to free them from Saddam’s tyrannical Iraq.” Daniel Pepper –I Was a Naive Fool to be a Human Shield…


Catching Up on the War

I’ve been cut off from the Internet almost all week, sadly reduced to switching between CNN and FOX to get differing views of the war. That’s nothing like what I’ve gotten in the last few hours I’ve been skimming the blogosphere. CNN and FOX never comment on each other. On FOX, Ollie North’s account of watching the helicopter crash that killed 4 Americans and 8 Brits was quite moving. The…


The Bagdad Blogger

“If he starts reporting US soldiers are raping civilians and noone else reports it his authenticity becomes an issue, but so far, he’s only given plain reports of what it’s like being in Bagdad during bombing. If that’s propaganda, I think I’ll take it.” Jill Walker offers a good summary of war-related blogging links. –The Bagdad Bloggerjill/txt)

House Hunting in Pennsylvania

I’ve been on a short hiatus from blogging because I spent Spring Break house-hunting in Pennsylvania. Assuming there are no glitches in the closing process, shortly after the semester ends I’ll be moving to the new house just outside of Greensburg, PA, just 6.5 miles from Seton Hill University, where I will take “a leadership role” in the creation of a new media journalism program. It’s our first home purchase.…

There's a Killer App on the Loose–But I'm on the Case

“I sometimes wonder whether I am really being effective in my job spending half the time in e-mail, half the time on the phone, and the other half doing real work. | It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs have seen that there’s money to be made in taming this e-mail mess. The most innovative products I saw at Demo were programs designed to keep e-mail away from me, organize it, or…

Taking Aim at Military Technology

“[A] growing group of military thinkers is questioning the U.S. military’s reliance on gadgetry.|U.S. precision weapons, Predator drones, and the like were less responsible for recent victories in Afghanistan and in the first Gulf War than is generally assumed, they argue. And increasing American dependence on technology leaves U.S. troops dangerously vulnerable to low-tech attacks.” –Taking Aim at Military TechnologyWired)