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The Most Lamentable and Excellent Text Adventure of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Update, July 2015 — the link to the original is dead. The IFDB entry from the Hamlet text game points to a link that also seems to be dead. Who really killed Hamlet’s dad? What does King Richard III want with a horse anyway? And where did the gravedigger get that gorgeous pink dress? Avenge your father, defeat your evil uncle and ascend the throne of Denmark in William Shakespeare’s…

Rationale for 'La Tour Eiffel'

In order to compose this piece, I had to depend on a circular way of thinking. Initially, my plot was linear, but that did not work well. Rather than use a traditional pyramid plot structure, I outlined plot points, and wrote something for each. Then, I added more pages under some plot points and linked it all together. I linked absolutely everything to anything at first, and then gradually deleted…

Rossum's Universal Robots

Le règne des robots

Écrite en 1920 et jouée pour la première fois à Prague l’année suivante, cette pièce de théâtre, intitulée Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R.), introduit le terme robot, qui remplacera dorénavant celui d’automate. La pièce de Capek fut acclamée dans le monde entier. — Dennis G. Jerz (via an anonymous translator) —Le règne des robots (L’Encyclopédie de L’Agora) An editor from a Quebec online encyclopedia just asked me to approve a French translation…