Cover slam…whaaaaat

I’m sitting in class

and it hurts my ass

I stare at the clock

and watch the time pass.

Tick tock; Tick tock

the professor; I mock.

The class is like hell,

unfortunately no bell

to ring to ring to let

me be free

I can’t wait

I have to pee! —Amanda HofferCover slam…whaaaaat (Hoffer’s Log)

Amanda says she wasn’t writing about my class… her sense of timing was impeccable, drawing a lot of laughs from the riveted students. One of the many excellent performances at tonight’s “All-American Poetry Cover Slam,” part of my “American Lit 1915-Present” course.

By the way, I responded by reading “Did I Miss Anything?”, which predictably got mixed reactions (the education students loved it!).

This was another one of those days when I remember why I wanted to be a teacher. I also feel we had a good day in “Intro to Literary study,” though the students there weren’t feeling quite as relaxed about poetry — I’ve been asking them to wrestle with “Prufrock,” and of course they have other work to do as well. Still, all in all a good day.