Twisty Little Passages [Review]

It’s been almost
thirty years since young Laura and Sandy Crowther sat down at a Teletype and
took their first steps into the mysterious subterranean world their father,
Will, created for them. Now, if Nick Montfort’s href="">Twisty
Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction is any indication,
Crowther and Woods’s pioneering computer game href="">Adventure and
its descendants are finally beginning to garner the critical recognition they
deserve. At only 286 pages, Twisty Little Passages is a small,
accessible book that addresses a deep and complex subject. The author’s stated
intention is to bring us the first book-length consideration of href="">interactive
fiction (IF) as a legitimate literary field, and he has certainly
succeeded. —John Miles
Twisty Little Passages [Review] (Slashdot Books)