Choose Your Own Adventure: I-Mockery Style

Ah summer camp. It’s a great time for us kids to get away from our parents and enjoy the great outdoors. Actually, it’s really just something your parents are forcing you to do because they hate you and want to enjoy some privacy for a change. Still, you wouldn’t mind getting away from the home front for a little while. You’ve grown tired of your mom’s meatloaf (not that the…


The Political Machine [Game Review]

Ubisoft’s presidential election game, “The Political Machine,” is enjoyable, particularly if you’re caught up in the political hoopla and just can’t get enough of it. The designers have produced an entertaining game that involves making the electoral college system work for you. By default, the game starts you off as John Kerry playing against George W. Bush, which means your first time out, you are sure to see Kerry crushed…

Dems, GOP: Who's Got the Brains?

Last month, Drs. Joshua Freedman and Marco Iacoboni of the University of California at Los Angeles finished scanning the brains of 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats. Each viewed images of President Bush, John Kerry and Ralph Nader. […] Freedman came to political brain scanning through his brother Tom, who served as a consultant to President Clinton. Tom Freedman asked his neuroscientist brother if the technology could improve on how campaigns…

"Don't Toy With Me": Star Wars Vintage Original Trilogy Collection

Obi-Wan Kenobi is pretty weak. His articulation is minimal with a limited ball-jointed neck, ball shoulders, angled cut joints at the elbows, cut wrists, waist, and hinged hips. I know Sir Alec wasn’t exactly leaping around like a ninja, but c’mon! Speaking of Alec Guiness, Hasbro still hasn’t nailed a likeness with this figure, although I do appreciate the subtle paint wash in his grey hair. His softgoods cloak is…

He, She, It: Engendering Machines, Gendering Intelligence

Traditional gender binaries such as male/female, science/nature, mind/body, are replayed and reinforced again and again in sci-fi films, in which (male) scientific creativity is continually represented as a dangerous affront to “natural” human (female) values. Supercomputers in film are created by male scientists–I can think of no exceptions–and what makes them valuable (according to their creators) is that they lack characteristics traditionally linked in our culture with the feminine: weakness,…


Fancy Absenteeism

Eve[r] wondered how low-tech we can seem in a high-tech society? Three words: wire punching tool. —Karissa Kilgore —Fancy Absenteeism (Sugarpacket) “Definetly NOT a hoax! I was there when the picture was taken!!!” says Karissa. See “Why Usability Testing Matters — Palm Beach County Ballot Design Raises Questions about Election 2000“

Games 'deserve a place in class'

“Like all games, computer and video games entertain while promoting social development, and playing and talking about games is an important part of young people’s lives,” said project manager Caroline Pelletier. “Games literacy is a way of investigating how games are means of expression and representation, just like writing or drawing,” she said. —Games ‘deserve a place in class’ (BBC) Thanks for the suggestion, Rosemary.