Annoying Blue Bounding Box in Adobe Flash

Annoying Blue Bounding Box in Adobe Flash (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) I’m introducing Adobe Flash to my New Media Projects course next week. I’ve fiddled with Flash before, but I haven’t yet worked through the examples in our book. My simian curiosity got the better of me, and I started clicking buttons at random. I suddenly noticed that all the shapes I drew had this dumb blue box, and I couldn’t select…

Some Youth Rethink Online Communications

No longer enthralled with the world of social networking, the 26-year-old graduate student pulled the plug after realizing that a lot of the online friends he accumulated were really just acquaintances. He’s also phasing out his profile on Facebook, a popular social networking site that, like others, allows users to create profiles, swap message and share photos – all with the goal of expanding their circle of online friends. —Some…

Timez Attack

—Timez Attack (BigBrainz) There are flashcard “games” and is multiplication bingo and multiplication Frogger, and they’re all well and good. But this is something else. Watch the video on the home page.