Soap: How Much Cleaner Does It Actually Make Your Hands?

This is not encouraging. The scientists tested three types of soap dispenser, in both lab and real-world settings. Of the three variants, the dispensers that were refillable from a giant bottle of liquid soap were by far the filthiest, leading to a 26-fold increase in handwashers’ bacteria levels. —Health – Brian Fung – Soap: How Much Cleaner Does It Actually Make Your Hands? – The Atlantic.


Do people still see blogs as networks? | jill/txt

I’m not reallye sure if the blogosphere works like that any more, though. I find blog posts in my rss reader or on twitter or Facebook and only rarely by following links from other blogs as I used to do. Maybe I exaggerate – but it seems to me that blogs link to each other less today? Have you come across any research or studies about this? And what is…

Sandusky lawyers may use NBC tape error in appeal

Close enough is not good enough in journalism. One of those versions, which was broadcast on the ‘Today’ show, contained an erroneous repetition of a key question and answer – about whether Sandusky was sexually attracted to young boys, Nils Frederiksen, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania attorney general said on Sunday. The repetition, Sandusky’s lawyers contend, made it appear to jurors that he was stonewalling. “It wasn’t noticed by (NBC…


Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books?

What happens to our books when we die? Many books disappear before we do, of course; they fall apart, or we put them out on the stoop for scavengers. A book like this one, however — a text that is still read and reprinted, that has played a notable role in the 20th-century imagination, and then a copy of the text that played an especially interesting role — is likely…


Westmoreland County Air Show 2012 (Photos)

Traffic leaving the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport was awful. People who came late, and parked farther away from the airport, ended up with the advantage, as we sat in gridlock for 1.5 hours while people wheeled their strollers and coolers right past us, pulling out of their parking spaces way ahead of us, putting more cars between us and the exit. Boo to you, aggressive drivers who waved your fists…


The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria

From “global warming” to “climate change” to “ecosystem management,” the buzzwords have changed, but the issue remains: enthusiasm and hype are part of the PR machine that drives the public perception of science. When well-meaning activists rely on emotions as a shortcut to get the cooperation of the public, the fabric of civic discourse is weakened. Lovelock positions himself outside the debate. Lovelock is a world-renowned scientist and environmentalist whose…