Carnegie Science Center: Roboworld (and a bit of SportsWorks)

Here’s a brief video, made up of clips I took at the Carnegie Science Center in July 2009, just a few weeks after the opening of the new, permanent exhibit, Roboworld. The clips have been sitting idle on my hard drive for years, but I’ve recently gotten some practice with Apple’s iMovie, and thought I’d try telling some stories with these clips. (I’m usually a textual thinker, as you can…


Automata and Mimesis on the Stage of Theatre History (Some Notes)

For me, the July 4 weekend marks the halfway point for the summer — if it’s not the chronological center of the summer, it is the time when I look at the number of weeks before fall classes start, and look at the list of things I had hoped to accomplish for the summer, and reassess. I’m doing great on the family time, and the lawn looks about as good…

Steampunk Airsloop -- Blender 3D

This Is What Summer Vacation Is For: Designing a Steampunk Airsloop with Blender 3D

Summer vacation means if I am telling my kids steampunk bedtime stories, and the story requires an ether-powered vehicle larger than a life pod, but smaller than the ship-of-the-line where most of the plot take place, I can visit Wikipedia to look for a class name — I like “sloop” — and then dash out some sketches on my iPad. Then I can fire up Blender 3D and design the…