Ideal Homeschool Summer Day: Studying Latin, Justifying Nilla Wafers, and Making a Duct Tape Skirt

Today, I managed to get in a couple of hours of web development and PR/social media work that is stretching my skills a bit. The new pack of iPad styluses I ordered from Amazon has shipped. I’m caught up in the online faculty development class I’m taking. My inbox is brimming with opportunities to collaborate and connect and analyze and synthesize, and my to-do list is full of books. On the home…


Writing Computer Games with Inklewriter

If brass lanterns or slathering-fanged grues mean anything to you, you might want to look into Inklewriter. I teach a text-adventure (“interactive fiction“) unit in my “New Media Projects” course. My mainstay for that unit is Inform 7, a robust tool with loads of examples and a user community that I know well (through my own participation in the interactive fiction aficionado community). Students are usually pretty excited about getting…


Social Plugin: Publish Blog Posts to Facebook and Twitter; Aggregate All Responses as WordPress Comments

Although I do use both Twitter and Facebook, I often regret putting time and energy into a walled garden, sparking and contributing to conversations that happen elsewhere, and not on my blog. In many ways, hosting conversations on Twitter and Facebook are superior to letting people post comments on my blog (because I get literally thousands of spam comments for each legitimate one). The Social plugin did exactly what it…