Nature Has A Formula That Tells Us When It’s Time To Die

[S]ize seems to predict lifespan. The formula seems to be nature’s way to preserve larger creatures who need time to grow and prosper, and it not only operates in all living things, but even in the cells of living things. It tells animals for example, that there’s a universal limit to life, that though they come in different sizes, they have roughly a billion and a half heart beats; elephant…


Privacy, Grief, and Ethics in Photojournalism

Text A: Uh-Oh, Photo Of Crying Woman On Cover Of National Newspaper Uh-oh, according to alarmed sources across the nation, a picture of a crying woman appeared on the front page of a national newspaper this morning.  “Ah, shit—this can’t be good,” Arlington, TX resident James Licari said… –The Onion Test B: What It Feels Like To Be Photographed In A Moment Of Grief “I sat there in a moment…


Make Games in the Classroom with Inform 7

I’ll blog pretty much anything that has to do with Inform 7. Text-based games, or interactive fiction, have continued to evolve since the days of Zork. Many works can be powerful for play in the classroom: Emily Short’s “interactive epistolary” First Draft of the Revolution, Andrew Plotkin’s physics-grounded Dual Transform, Peter Nepstad’s historically grounded 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery, and Aaron’s Reed’s interactive novel Blue Lacuna are only a few examples among…


Theater Education Programs Are in Demand for Workforce Creativity

A significant number of young people today, when they enter the workforce, will never have been exposed to the valuable skills that come with arts education and specifically the theater experience — thinking on one’s feet; effectively communicating; practicing and rehearsing; writing; and collaborating as a team. This is a missed opportunity. According to the President’s Committee on the Arts & Humanities, in its groundbreaking report “Reinvesting in Arts Education,”…


Essay on the flaws of distance education

The web also creates the illusion that all information is available and accessible to anyone at any time. This common view represses the real disparities of access in our world and also undermines the need for educational experts. After all, if you can get all knowledge from Wikipedia or a Google search, why do you need teachers or even  colleges? In response to this attitude, we should recenter higher education…


Shall I Encode Thee In DNA? Sonnets Stored On Double Helix

If you took everything human beings have ever written — an estimated 50 billion megabytes of text — and stored it in DNA, that DNA would still weigh less than a granola bar.”There’s no problem with holding a lot of information in DNA,” Goldman says. “The problem is paying for doing that.”Agilent waived the cost of DNA synthesis for this project, but the researchers estimate it would normally cost about…


Copy Of The Scarlet Letter Can’t Believe The Notes High Schooler Writing In Margins

Baffled that the young reader for some reason circled the word “cottage” every time she came across it in the text, the used copy of The Scarlet Letter stated that it truly began to doubt Dobson’s reading-comprehension skills when she wrote a note on page 37 suggesting the entire novel might in fact be an allegory for the Civil War. –The Onion.