Essay on the flaws of distance education

The web also creates the illusion that all information is available and accessible to anyone at any time. This common view represses the real disparities of access in our world and also undermines the need for educational experts. After all, if you can get all knowledge from Wikipedia or a Google search, why do you need teachers or even  colleges? In response to this attitude, we should recenter higher education…


Shall I Encode Thee In DNA? Sonnets Stored On Double Helix

If you took everything human beings have ever written — an estimated 50 billion megabytes of text — and stored it in DNA, that DNA would still weigh less than a granola bar.”There’s no problem with holding a lot of information in DNA,” Goldman says. “The problem is paying for doing that.”Agilent waived the cost of DNA synthesis for this project, but the researchers estimate it would normally cost about…