David Mahokey stars as Jesus.

Alas for You (Godspell, Stage Right)

Three weeks ago tonight, I got an email from the director saying he thought he could use me in the cast. A whirlwind of rehearsals, a week of run-throughs, three performances, and we’re done. Wow! The first act of Godspell is almost entirely fun and games, but the second act quickly moves through the confrontation with the Pharisees (depicted in this number) the betrayal of Judas, the passion and crucifixion.…

Verizon Filter

Verizon Forced Me to Remove Parentheses, Quotation Marks, and Apostrophes from a Customer Service Complaint Email

When I finally found a way to contact Verizon through “email” (really a form to fill out), I typed out my complaint. I have separate internet and telephone accounts; for some reason, the payments I try to make to one account are being applied to the other account, so one account is overdue and the other has credits. I wrote a detailed email, using quotation marks around the menu items…