CNN Reports On The Promising Future of the Steubenville Rapists, Who Are Very Good Students

Excellent analysis of the emotional impact when TV journalism shows gripping footage of convicted rapists breaking down in tears while the victim, whose identity is protected by privacy laws, remains anonymous and invisible. It is unlikely that Candy Crowley and Poppy Harlow are committed rape apologists; more likely they simply wanted a showy, emotional angle at the close of a messy and sensationalized trial. Since the identity of the victim…


FIRST Pittsburgh Regional 1st Time to the TOP – 3955 – YouTube

“The Big Tickle” was the only bot at the the Pittsburgh regional FIRST Robotics Competition that tried climbing all the way to the top rung for 30 points. The crowd went wild every time our bot did its thing. We got picked by the seventh-ranked team to join their alliance in the quarter finals. Though we lost both quarter final matches, and thus were out pretty quickly, we did win…


New Voices For The Voiceless: Synthetic Speech Gets An Upgrade

Wonderful, inspiring article that uses text, photos, and audio samples to tell how a researcher remixed wordless sounds to create an artificial voice for a voiceless child. Patel can take that sound, run it through a computer and find out all kinds of things about how that person would sound if that person could speak words. “We can determine their pitch, the loudness, the breathiness of their voice, the changes…


Fired for Making a Game: The Inside Story of I Get This Call Every Day

He knows that if he’d instead posted a song or a poem or a comedy routine on YouTube, the bosses would have watched that, and might have understood what he was trying to say to them. If he’d created something that told the same story through a more traditional form than a game, he’d probably still be in a job. But he still wishes they’d at least taken the time…


Chillax, Wikipedia, and bridezilla are not puns: Against adjoinages

So if recessionista and fembot are not really puns, what are they? They’re neolexic portmanteaus, in which root words are brutally slammed together with cavalier lack of wit. “Neolexic portmanteau” is a mouthful, so instead we shall choose a simpler handle. Sherry-manteau, catastrounity, misceg-formation, piss-poortmanteau, and poor-man’s-toes all proffer themselves as alternatives, but they are still laborsome. Therefore, I christen these neolexic portmanteaus adjoinages—a functioning portmanteau pun, in case you…


Don’t hide your online self when applying for college or career

Great advice. [I]t is common to hear students applying for college or a job say before doing so, they plan to take down their online profiles or change their name to something unidentifiable. Innovative educators know this is not the best strategy. Instead our job is to support young people in creating a responsible digital footprint that, rather than hinder, would attract colleges and employers. Knowing how to do that…