Texting? Pets? Millennials Are Flunking Job Interviews – CNBC

The other day, a Facebook friend posted a snapshot of a young store employee absorbed by a smartphone instead of stocking or cleaning. My 15yo has expressed zero interest in Facebook, though my 11yo is irked that some of her preteen friends already have accounts (despite the official 13+ Facebook policy). But soon I will see someone else in my family sucked into the social media black hole. Few of…

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Churnalism Search

At the University of Virginia, one summer when I had a summer job writing press releases for a theater company, and I also volunteered for one of the campus papers, I was amused to see how much of my press releases would appear under a different author’s name in the competing student paper. One time the “author” changed the lead, but used the rest of my press release verbatim. Ever…