US regulators demand clamp down on Apple e-book contracts

I made a lot of impulse Kindle purchases during the phase when so many books were $9.99. I’ve never bought an iBook… whenever possible, I buy via Kindle instead, as a consumerist means of protesting Apple’s meddling with the price of books. US regulators have called for Apple to be forced to cancel certain e-book contracts with major publishers. They added Apple should be hit with a five-year ban on…


Woman comments on man’s looks. Man FREAKS OUT.

If I ever over-react to a tweet, I hope the tweeter is as understanding as Hilary Sargent. Politico’s Ben White changed his Twitter profile photo yesterday to a new photo, which showed him kind of smirking (or something). A week or two ago I yelled at Business Insider for not including Ben White in some silly handsome reporters list. And this new profile photo just wasn’t good compared to Ben’s…