McDouble is cheapest and most nutritious “food” in human history

Morgan “Supersize Me” Spurlock spoke at Seton HIll in 2005 about the social damage caused by fast-food culture. (Morgan Spurlock autographed my hamburger wrapper.) The following article approaches the issue from another perspective. I, for one, scrupulously avoid buying a drink or fries, and always order a burger and salad from the McD’s value menu. It works pretty well. “The more I thought about the question, whether the McDouble is…


Summer Theater Camp Photos: “Patrice” in “13”

My 11yo performed the part of “Patrice” in the clever coming-of-age musical “13” Saturday. Here she is with the leading character Evan (played by Anthony Marino — a very talented fellow with several movies on his resume). The content was a bit edgy for a cast that included kids as young as 8, so some of the jokes went over their heads, and some of the lines got toned down…


Why I Like Papers, Please

At a certain point, the transit papers will get so complex that you will, inevitably, start making a lot of mistakes. This can become a serious problem as every incorrectly reviewed passport will deduct more and more cash from your pay at the end of the day. With your family’s lives on the line and the job getting tougher and tougher, the game asks you — like actually asks you,…