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WFAA legend on pioneering live coverage of JFK assassination

  The vast majority of Americans remember it as the day that an American president was assassinated. Only a few also remember it as the day that television news grew up. One of them was the young reporter seen carrying the camera on rare videotaped footage of the Channel 8 newsroom just minutes after the president was assassinated. He had just returned from Parkland Hospital, where he had just witnessed a…


How Television Covered the Kennedy Assassination – a 1964 TV Guide Article

It was a new, shocking, traumatic thing for Americans — who were used to getting their bad news from kindly gentlemen who filtered it for them and helped them digest the worst bits — to watch reporters, live on air, learning new details and reacting as they happened. First CBS Bulletin (at 10:45 into a soap opera.) Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK. You can hear in the background people…