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Closing the Door on the Video Store Era (with tweets) · chutry · Storify

Now that Blockbuster Video has officially closed, I welcome Chuck Tyron’s Storify aggregation, which turned up this goodie: When I was a kid, movies like The Wizard of Oz were aired on TV once a year (usually during Thanksgiving weekend). At school the next week, everyone would be singing the songs and quoting the lines. It was a memorable experience to walk into a Blockbuster and see all those movies…


Google Books ruled legal in massive win for fair use (updated)

Update in a legal battle that’s been going on for 8 years. A long-running copyright lawsuit between the Authors’ Guild and Google over its book-scanning project is over, and Google has won on the grounds that its scanning is “fair use.” In other words, the snippets of books that Google shows for free don’t break copyright, and Google doesn’t need the authors’ permission to engage in the scanning and display…

Robert T. Conrad, Whig mayor of Philadelphia, 1854-1856.

Rare Philadelphia win – for a Whig!

For the first time in 159 years, Philadelphians have elected a Whig to public office – specifically, putting a member of the Modern Whig Party into a spot as judge of elections in Northeast Philadelphia’s 56th Ward, in the Rhawnhurst section. Robert “Heshy” Bucholz, 39, a software engineer with four children and a fifth on the way, went door to door soliciting support from his neighbors and wound up garnering…

Internet Archive Scanning Center Fire

If you’ve ever used the Wayback Machine, then you already know how useful the Internet Archive is. This morning at about 3:30 a.m. a fire started at the Internet Archive’s San Francisco scanning center. The good news is that no one was hurt and no data was lost. Our main building was not affected except for damage to one electrical run. This power issue caused us to lose power to…


SHU Community Lines Up to Honor JoAnne Boyle’s Final Trip Up the Hill

JoAnne Boyle liked talking about tradition — from the Latin meaning “handed over.” One of her favorite traditions involved lining up with the administrators to shake hands with each incoming freshman, and again with all the faculty to hand off the new graduates to the world. Now, members of the SHU community are repaying both favors — lining up along Seton Hill Drive, welcoming her and sending her off. Post…

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Halloween Candy Poisonings, School Shootings and Human Psychology

What can parents do to minimize their children’s risk of being hurt or killed by poison or sharp objects in Halloween candy? How many children would you say die each year from eating poisoned candy (or candy with razor blades and such) each Halloween? Just two or three? Maybe only one every few years? In the year 2006, two children drowned while riding tricycles into swimming pools. Should parents be…


Attribution, Editorializing and Defamation

In the Nightly Noodle Monthly, former North Adams Transcript journalist Isaac Avilucea posts this passage, which he says was removed from a sports feature that got him fired. But there’s a reason she’s not at MountGreylock anymore, choosing to transfer to a school with somewhat inferior academics and athletics. Part of it has to do with the stuffy social atmosphere that pervades the school. “If you take the movie ‘Mean Girls,’” Alcombright said, “that’s MountGreylock. To be…

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Higgs and Englert Are Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics

Beautiful, beautiful science writing by Dennis Overbye. The “God particle” became the Prize particle on Tuesday. Two theoretical physicists who suggested that an invisible ocean of energy suffusing space is responsible for the mass and diversity of the particles in the universe won the Nobel Prize in Physics on Tuesday morning. They are Peter Higgs, 84, of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and François Englert, 80, of the University…