Breakfast Battle from “The Miracle Worker” (Pamela Lee as Annie Sullivan and Carolyn Jerz as Helen Keller)

A few weeks ago, my 14yo played Helen Keller in the Latrobe Cabaret Theatre’s production of The Miracle Worker. This clip is from a rehearsal of the epic breakfast scene, a wordless battle of wills between young Helen (who has been blind and deaf since she was a toddler) and her teacher Annie Sullivan (played by the amazing Pamela Lee). I used an abbreviated version of this scene in an…

Push Reel Mower

Connecting with the Boy

Today my son asked me to take him shopping for his favorite foods. He’s tired of fast-food take-out. I told him I was busy today running the spotlight for and videotaping yet another one of Carolyn’s performances (this time her voice teacher’s summer revue).
The poor boy has been left at home a lot while the rest of us did so much theater over the summer. He competed in a chess tournament last week. I fell asleep in the next room. He came in second place. (I have no pictures. I’m a bad father.)