iTunes 11: It’s time for Apple’s horrible, bloated program to die.

At the head of the team is a grizzled old engineer who’s been at Apple forever. He’s surly and crude, always making vulgar jokes about iPads. But the company can’t afford to get rid of him—he’s the only one who understands how to operate the furnaces in the iTunes boiler room. Then one morning the crew hears a strange clanging from iTunes’ starboard side. Scouts report that an ancient piston—something…

An alternate universe

My plans to use a Chromebook over the weekend didn’t go as well as I had hoped… In between family events I was pretty wiped out and didn’t have much time to experiment. After just 3 years as an Apple user, I found myself feeling very frustrated by a brief return to Windows (because I had left my MacBook at work). That in turn made me feel nostalgic for Sierra…


How to Record Any Audio from your Mac Speakers for Free

Filing this for future reference. Very frustrating limitation on my machine. Of course, simply looping the “speaker out” jack to the “mic in” jack would probably do the trick, but what a stupid, frustrating kludge. Some PCs have the ability to record “what you hear”, but it depends on the PCs soundcard. But on my MacBook Pro, there’s no native way to record the audio you hear. Unless you download…


Ten Basic New Media Skills Journalists Need To Know

Word. This list was published in 2008, so it’s unthinkable that student could graduate from a journalism program today without these competencies. I’d have to add “the fundamentals of coding a multimedia project” and I want to add “the ability to mine a database for a story.” With all the new changes brought about by the Internet becoming the publishing platform for all media, journalists now need a few new…


Colorful Touchscreen Stylus Bundle: Cheap Is Good

Even though I got it for free, a Bamboo stylus is not cheap, meaning that I worried about the cost of replacing it if I lost it, so may have used it less frequently. Deciding whether the convenience of using the stylus is worth the risk of losing it ets up even more mental effort.

So it would seem then that the solution should involve either becoming more careful, which would require more effort, or getting a supply of cheaper backups, so that losing any one stylus is less of a big deal.

This Colorful Stylus Bundle is priced at about $1 each.

14 colorful styluses for me to misplace.

The little stubby ones are awkward, but better than a finger. They work just as well as $20 models.

Women Explain Why Google+ is All Dudes

Google, which declined to comment on the gender breakdown of its social network, has a long tradition of using its own products internally before releasing them to the public. Products like Gmail and Google Buzz had lengthy incubation periods inside the company before they were released to the public. But that internal testing process can lead to products too tailored to the distorted bubble in which Googlers operate, where the…