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Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing
A short story begins as close to the conclusion as possible, and grabs the reader from the very first line. It conserves character and scenes, typically focuses on just one problem, and drives towards a sudden, unexpected revelation. (Kennedy and Jerz)

Show, Don’t (Just) Tell: Persuasive Writing Tips
Don’t just tell me your brother is talented… show me what he can do. (There. I’ve just told you something. Pretty lame, huh? Now, let me show you…)

Forum for Creative Writers
Post your poem-in-progress or a narrative excerpt here, if you are interested in getting feedback from other visitors to this site.

Poetry is for the Ear: Listen with the Ears of Your Audience
Whatever poetry you write or read, learn to listen with the ears of your audience. Poetry is meant for the ear; pay attention to the sounds the words make. Writing in “free verse” does not excuse the poet’s obligation to please the ear.

Poetry Tips: 10 Steps for Writing Better Poems
Know your goal; avoid clichés; avoid sentimentality; use images; use metaphor and simile; use concrete words; communicate theme; subvert the ordinary; rhyme with extreme caution; and revise, revise, revise. (Kara Ziehl)

Interactive Fiction
IF is a particular form of computer-mediated narrative, resembling a very finely-grained “Choose Your Own Adventure” story.