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Case Study: Your Choice

Find (or create) an online media clip or article that reflects your interest and attitude towards video games.

In a comment on this page, post the URL. Explain why you chose this item, how it reflects your attitude, and suggest a topic for further discussion.



I chose this article because in today's discussions, if videogames are brought up, often it turns into a debate concerning violence and whether or not it encourages children to be violent themselves. And because it is such a prevalant topic currently, I think it is a valid discussion topic for us as well. Maybe we could discuss the contrast between the value of what videogames teach us with the violent downside.

I chose the following article, http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=109599, to best reflect my interest and attitude towards video games. I enjoy playing video games, especially with friends and family. The connection gained from activities with other people is invaluable; however, I am always torn between whether or not too much video gaming is a bad thing, developmentally and physically. My grandma always says that the key to keeping your mind young and agile is to keep it stimulated, and she swears by crossword puzzles. While the younger generation might not pick up a book of crossword puzzles, many video games require puzzle-solving skills. The article stated that video games improve visual cognition and enhance mental rotation skills and visual and spatial memory. The article also stated that video games “thwart some of the cognitive declines that come with aging.” This article provides a medical explanation that complements Johnson’s view of gaming. This article reflects my attitude because it shows a developmental benefit to playing video games. While I still think that people should play in moderation to develop other skills, the physical benefits of the Wii might change my mind. A topic for further discussion could be the Wii’s approach to gaming. Are gender specific games (i.e. Cooking Mama) good or bad for gaming?

This topic is about managing video game playing in the home. I believe there is a lot of concern about how much time children are spending playing video games instead of doing school work or playing outside. This aritlce gives some tips for people on how to help control video game playing at home and how to help control what games are being played. I think as young adults ourselves we have alot of knowledge on how to manage video game playing and have many ideas regarding this subject.


I wanted to show the progression from simple to complexed gaming and to recognize the subject matter of the course, how it's all a process.

I wanted to show the progression from simple to complexed gaming and to recognize the subject matter of the course, how it's all a process.

I think that this YouTube video does an excellent job of defending violence in videogames. As a researcher from the University of Rochester points out in the video, it is the sense of accomplishment that makes the player feel good and want to keep playing, "not the production of blood and gore."


I found a video on youtube that documents the evolution of Simulation games created exclusively by Will Wright and his company, Maxis.


I chose this video because Will Wright's games will always hold a special place in my heart. This video was interesting, because it shows how much Maxis has grown as a company as well as showcases some of the games that have occupied my interest for as long as I can remember. I still remember playing SimAnt, SimChoper, SimTower, SimSifari--basically SimWhatever-They-Came-Up-With-Next interested me, but the sims has been my favorite video game since its release back in 2000. The only thing this video lacks is images from the Sims 3, but truth be told, I honestly don't mind, because I still prefer the Sims 2 over the Sims 3, although the graphics have greatly improved in the Sims 3.

This article covers the history of many 3D engines and is a great way to compare the advancements in graphical technology.


A topic for further discussion could be what game engine had the biggest fan made mod scene.

I chose this article because it points out the importance of learning from video games and how much we actually can learn from them. It discusses so much that I have to be honest, that even I didnt realize before taking a class or two about it and having it brought to my attention.
I think something that could be further discussed may be how politics and money, and things other than school subjects can be both taught and learned in the games, and if building one yourself, how the heck would you know how and where to put the educational stuff?

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