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Daily Update: Jan 13

I've posted feedback on the NGJ articles -- which I really enjoyed -- and also posted the evaluations of the peer reviews.  I'll get as far as I can on Ex 4 before 6 tonight, and I'll finish up and get started on Ex 5 after the kids are in bed.

Some students have already posted their "Case Study" for tomorrow -- that's great to see.

I've chosen Mortensen's essay as the first student-requested essay from our anthology.  A few of you requested Delwiche's essay, which was already on the syllabus; if as a result you've only suggested one reading, I encourage you to follow up with a back-up suggestion, so that everyone has recommended two.

Please remember to contribute to the discussion topic on your research process for Ex 5.

Leslie Rodriguez has left a number of thoughtful posts, indicating that she's interested in continuing the exploration of gender in video games, that she began in this class 4 years ago.  I hope you all find a topic that you care enough about that you'll come back the next time I teach this class, and help the students discover their own insights.

I've enjoyed reading your reactions to the IF gameplay sessoin.  I'll repeat the links I left on that page. These aren't homework assignments that you have to analyze, just media clips that you can appreciate now that you've gained the obscure knowledge necessary.

Friday: Presubmission Report

You may notice that tomorrow is a little light, in terms of reading, compared to last week.

That's because I'm encouraging you to use the time to prepare for the advance work on Paper 2.  The "Presubmission Report" for Paper 2 is due Friday.  It's more than a proposal, and much less than a rough draft.  You won't be able to do this in one sitting, just before the deadline, because it requires you to find and quote from the academic sources you're planning to use in your papers.  It asks you to find a range of academic opinions, including quotes that work against the argument you're promoting.   (See the details on the Presubmission Report page.)

If you are used to a last-minute adrenaline-fueled rush to finish your paper, this assignment is designed to get you to start that process early, and to it stages, so that I have time to give you feedback on your ideas.

The only way you can truly bomb the presubmission report is by not turning one in. Please don't think of it as a hurdle, or a hoop to jump through; it's an opportunity for you to get feedback at an early stage, so that you don't end up spending hours churning out pages that turn out to be an intellectual dead end, or that re-invent the wheel.

Most students say that once they've written a successful presubmission, they've assembled all the details and sources they need, and the paper prettty much writes itself.

What follows is just for fun.

The classic game "Zork" killed the player if you went anywhere in the dark... it warned you not "It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue." These two songs riff off of this famous line from Zork.

One is focused on Zork:

The other refers to the genre in general.

And, to poke fun at my own interest in a teaching tool you've all become very familiar with in the last week, here's another song from the same artist...


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