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Daily Update: Jan 15

For today's new discussion topic, which will run over the long weekend, we will look at MIT's Scratch project. Please watch the videos (you can fold your laundry or whatever while watching them -- they're just not deeply technical) and post a well-thought-out response that demonstrates your ability to engage with and apply the material. (What connections can you make to readings, or discussions you've had on peer blogs? Post quotes and links where appropriate.)

I think everyone has a pretty clear sense of what's coming next, so this update will be short.
  • My task for the rest of the day will be to provide feedback on the presubmission reports, after which I will turn to your portfolios. 
  • There is no homework scheduled for Monday.
  • Tuesday, there are two scheduled readings, and a four-page draft of your research paper is due.
  • At some point next week, I will post another set of GriffinGate reading quizzes for the chapters we've chosen in Williams and Smith.
I will check in from time to time over the weekend, and I will be happy to answer quick questions about sources or thesis statements.

Meanwhile, please continue to share your successes and frustrations on the Presubmission Report page, which was yesterday's class discussion topic.

Even a quick scan of the portfolio submissions reveals plenty of enthusiasm and confidence. We've already accomplished so much!  Best wishes to each of you as we prepare for the final stretch.


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