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Depth and Games

Read Amer Ajami's GameSpot review of Jedi Outcast (three parts), and compare it to Ian "Always Black" Shanahan's "Bow, N*gger."

This article, State of Play, will help you pin down the differences. I am far more interested in the issues raised by Shanahan's piece than the precise, technical analysis presented by Ajami. Ajami's review is perfectly good for what it is -- an assessment of a commercial product, useful for those who are considering buying it. On the other hand, Shanahan's piece opens up a huge array of emotional and intellectual possibilities.

Several of you noted that you found the thoughtful review of Myst to be more interesting than the by-the-book review of Lego Indiana Jones.  As we continue to develop our ability to look at games critically, and to articulate what we find, our exposure to "New Games Journalism" will help us identify ways to go beyond "How do you play?" and "Is it fun?"

So... what do *you* think is valuable in new games journalism?  How does it relate to the gaming anecdote that you wrote for Ex 1? What problems and limitations do the readers and writers of new games journalism face?



Great start, folks. Several of you brought up how how the tone of Shanahan's piece makes you think of a friend sharing his personal experiences, while Ajami's review focuses just on information. And of course they are both useful modes of communication, depending on the circumstance. I'm looking forward to looking at your own traditional reviews today, as well as the NGJ articles that we'll start working on soon.

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