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Ex 3A: NGJ Proposal

Following the model of the NGJ articles you have read, briefly propose a topic for an original 1000-word article. (Upload to Turnitin.com. You are encouraged, but not required, to post it to your blog.)

In a few short sentences,

  1. identify the game you've chosen,
  2. note the central issue that would be of interest to
    • an expert player of the game, and also
    • someone who will likely never play the game.
For instance, racism and online identity are the core issues in "Bow, N*igger," and the general class reaction indicates that it was a successful attempt to engage readers who are interested in human issues, rather than a particular Star Wars game.



Dr. Jerz, is the proposal supposed to be in the style of a NGJ review or just a brief synopsis (length?) of what our NGJ review will cover?

The proposal can just be just three or four short sentences -- I'm just looking for your rough advance ideas, so I have the chance to offer some feedback, and you can sample what your peers have proposed. Even calling it a synopsis is too much. You can just answer the questions, at this stage.

Did that help?

Yes, it does. I was on the right track! Thank you.

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