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Ex 5: Research Bibliography

Locate three peer-reviewed academic articles or books on a gaming topic of your choice. Note that not all books are academic; and encyclopedias, fan sites, and news reports are not peer-reviewed.

For each article, write a 50-word synopsis, and another 50 words demonstrating your ability to make connections between the article and other course material. Conclude with an MLA-style Works Cited list. Upload to Turnitin.com.



Is this supposed to be the topic that we are proposing for our future project? Or is this just practice with a different topic?

Beth Anne, thanks for a good question. I tried to address that on the daily update for today.

It would be a good idea to think of this assignment as advanced research for your paper, but I expect many students will change their topic. It's perfectly OK with me if you pick any old topic and just demonstrate you can identify scholarly sources. But at this stage, you should feel free to experiment and head off in daring directions. There's still time to pull back and attempt something different if your first idea doesn't work out.

Is it okay that I just picked three completely different papers that appealed to me? I read the assignment wrong, and I have it done.

Susan, if they are all peer-reviewed papers on games, that's fine with me. They don't have to relate to your term project, or to each other.

Okay thanks.

Are we supposed to get the academic review off of reves or are we allowed to search the internet?

Keith, that depends on what you mean by "search the internet". If you use the Reeves website, your're using the internet, and some of the sources Reeves will show you will be online.

As long as the source you find is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication, it doesn't matter to me whether it's print or digital.

But Google is not designed to restrict sources to academic journals, and any general internet search engine will yield up scores of non-academic sites for every academic site it finds, so I don't suggest that you start with a general internet search.

So... what process were you planning to use? I'll be back online between 11pm and midnight and could follow up with you then.

I was planning on looking through revise and other internet libraries. I am also going to look through some search engines just to look around and get a feel for some stuff.

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