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FYI -- a peer review exercise that earned the author 11/10 points.

Quite a few students got 10/10 and 11/10 on the peer review exercise.  I'm usually pretty generous with points on this exercise, but so many people went into so much detail that I felt it was worth a bonus.

If you're curious, you can read the following student response that earned 11/10 points.

Q1 What are two or three game review conventions that this submission executes very well? What details from the submission support your claim that the student has done a good job in those areas?
The author, like all good game review authors, describes the play mode in a brief paragraph. "Play mode begins with Indy and Sapito outside a Peruvian cave where the Golden Idol is retrieved." The author related the video game to the movie to Lego toys. "Indiana Jones is one of the biggest movie franchises of our time, so it was fitting for Lucasarts and Traveler's Tale to develop a LEGO version of the movie following the ssuccess of LEGO's Star Wars but would gamers love it or hate it as much as Indy hates snakes?" The author discusses the graphics of the game. "The game's graphics are simple; well it is built by LEGOs after all."
Q2 If this were your submission, what are two things you would do to make it better meet the criterion of a good game review, and why? Be constructive, and specific -- what are the criteria that could be improved, and how might your peer go about improving them?
If it were my submission, I would definetly add more detail. I feel that the article lacks this. When discussing the graphics of the game give specific areas and describew them. You are writing for an audience who may or may not know who Indiana Jones is. The next thing I would do to spice up the article is define the playmode a bit better. The author touches on this as they talk about "switching characters" and getting to the end of the game. One thing a good game review does is discusses the playmode of a game. Buyers read these things before going out and purchasing a game. I know because I do it all the time. The review is good, but stick to one name that the main character goes by. You gave three---Indy, Dr. Jones, and Indiana. I think that may confuse the reader. You started the review with a quote why not end with a quote. What is said in the end of the game? If I may make another suggestion, I would go back and play the game again, then look at what you wrote. How accurate is it the second time around? Definetly provide more detail and some other peoples opinions on the game.
Q3 What questions do you have about this game, or the author's approach? If you encountered this article in an online forum, or ran into the author in an informal setting, what would you want to talk about?
Is the Star Wars LEGO video game similar to Indiana Jones? They are both designed by Lucasarts. You mention completing the first movie. There were a few sequels to the series. Did you get to all of them? What options are offered in the game? I would touch upon the basics of the game. For instance, when you turn the game on, what happens? Do you get to develop your character? Can you go through a portal and go into another section of the game? I recently played a game where I had no clue what I was doing. If a game reviewe would have talked about what ocurrs at the beginning of it, I would not have had the problems I did. Sometimes entering a game is much harder than completing it.

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