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Laurel, 1-52

Complete the brief, timed, open-book comphrehension quiz on GriffinGate. (Forthcoming.)

On your blog, post three important quotes from this passage, and use them to explore important areas for discussion. On this page, link to your blog entries, and raise a question designed to engage your peers in a thoughtful conversation.



Keith raises an important question about how games help us make choices, and Susan describes how the book echoes Koster's discussion of research.

Thanks for posting such thoughtful questions.

Everyone else, rather than just posting the URL, please also post a line or two just describing what your post is about. That will be a little more informative and inviting than just the link. I think that will help you practice developing thesis statements that lead to productive discussions about debatable topics.

I look forward to more discussion of Laurel.


In my post, I looked at Laurel as an inspiration for those business people who are in it for more than the money. I talked about what success really is and the surprising criticism that Laurel faced with Purple Moon.

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