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Laurel, 59-108

Complete the brief, timed, open-book comphrehension quiz on GriffinGate (now that you have finished the book).

On your blog, post three important quotes from this passage, and use them to explore important areas for discussion. On this page, link to your blog entries, and raise a question designed to engage your peers in a thoughtful conversation.



Thanks, Keith and Susan, for posting your thoughts. You're right, Keith, when people are busy succeeding beyond their wildest dreams, they rarely have the time to write a book about it. In the late 90s, it was common to read super-hyped success stories about 20-year-olds who raised millions of dollars to support a crazy web-based idea, but most of that was hype. This is a much more personal, real deal.

We need to decide which values we are going to incorporate into our own lives to better ourselves as a society.

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