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Mystery House Gameplay

A 2006 review of the 1980 Mystery House reflects the impatience modern gamers may feel with this title, but still respects the game's historical importance

It's a long review... skip to http://www.sydlexia.com/mysteryhouse7.htm



Yesterday in a different thread, Jessie was talking about hoping to find more female gamers...

Note that in Mystery House, the art was drawn by Roberta Williams and the programming was done by her husband Ken... this game is remembered for the pictures -- crude as they are, they were something brand new, and we can credit this innovation to a woman.

One more point...

In the 80s, the pattern of typing something to your computer, and then either getting it to work or getting an error message to decipher was familiar to anyone who used a computer.

Someone who first got to know text games might find it tedious in a 3D game to have to break open crates for supplies, frustrating that it's possible to fall off a ledge if you don't navigate carefully, etc.

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