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P2: Draft

About four pages, demonstrating your ability to use academic sources (not random web pages, homework posted by undergraduates, or magazine/newspaper articles) to support a non-obvious, debatable claim about your chosen games studies topic.

The page devoted to the Presubmission Report has more details about the assignment; I won't repeat all that material here.

Don't forget to include the games themselves in an MLA-style Works Cited list. (Check your Basic Comp or STW handbook for the details.)



Dr. Jerz, we need a spot in Turnitin.com to upload our paper. Thanks, Susan.

Dr. Jerz, as of this moment, Reeves Library site has stopped working on my laptop as well as my e-mail. So I do not have access to any of my online sources. If this continues for the rest of the night is there any chance that I would be able to submit my rough draft tomorrow night?

Beth Anne, I just went to Reeves and did a search for "Games" in Academic Search Elite, and I was able to find articles. If your e-mail and the library website both went down, it sounds like it may have been a temporary problem with your Internet connection.

If you file a report wth the SHU helpdesk, explaining your problem, they may be able to help you troubleshoot. If there is a network problem that I wasn't able to see, they would be able to confirm that.

I sent an e-mail to you, because that is finally running.

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