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Pac-Man Dossier

Read the intro and Ch1 for an orientation. Scan Ch2 for details on gameplay, noting particularly the details on mode, speed, and cornering; read Ch3 to understand maze logic; skim 4 and 5.




So far, the student comments have focused on the pleasure that comes from learning details about the game.

Note that my theory of Pac-Man, that it enacts the values of the nomadic lifestyle, is independent from a theory that begins with the story of the nightmare-eating ghosts. So it's important to think of every fact you discover as a starting point for future inquiry, not a reason to stop because the new fact "explains it all". American gamers who didn't know that children's story were free to make up their own story, and that was part of the pleasure of playing. (I could never bear to watch the Pac Man cartoons that came out in the early 80s.)

Wow. I had no idea so much interest has been generated here in my Pac-Man Dossier research! Very flattering to read the student's reviews and comments.


Jamey Pittman
Author, Pac-Man Dossier

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