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Practice with Interaction

  1. Post a practice entry on your SHU blog, in which you post links to and comment on 2-4 of the "Student Choice" selections recommended by your classmates.
  2. Upload your Ex 1 file to Turnitin.com, as described on the Ex1 homework page. (Be sure to post your anecdote in the GriffinGate forum,too. Again, see the Ex1 page for details.)
  3. Ready for you on GriffinGate: A short quiz that checks your comprehension of the syllabus and various course procedures. (It's open book... not a memory test, just a way to make sure you are starting the course on the right virtual foot.)
Remember also to return to the GriffinGate forum to read and comment on your peer's gaming anecdotes.

Remember also to return to class discussion topics, to contribute to the conversation and share your insights.

Start putting your in-depth comments on your own individual blog, and participating in conversations on your classmates' blogs.

Post links to interesting conversations you find on other people's blogs, ask insightful questions, and look for ways to make connections between assigned materials.

Okay, so all this tech stuff is kinda overwhelming... what do we do with it?

Make connections, and work with the rest of the class to strengthen and deepen those connections.  Practice, on a small scale, the kind of assembly, assessment, and synthesis that will help prepare you for your final research project. Make this kind of intellectual activity routine, and you will find it yields some very interesting results.
For example, what do you think Johnson would say about the amount of knowledge the Strongbad clip presumes we have, in order to fully appreciate the jokes in his cartoon?  What later developments in gaming culture have supported or disproved Rothstein's predictions about the importance of Myst? 

What connections can you come up with on your own? 

Once you've satisfied that your "Hello, world" post is working, see what kind of connections you can identify for the rest of us to explore.



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