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Project Proposal

Propose a research project. What specific game(s) or research question do you want to explore? What has already been published about your topic, and what do you feel remains left unsaid?

Update (answering Jessie's question):

You can post your idea here, put it on your blog (and post the URL here), or e-mail me (with a brief note reminding me to check my e-mail for your proposal).

I'll offer feedback in whatever forum you choose. And if you feel it would help, we could arrange phone call, too.

Include preliminary ideas for the creative online presentation, as well.



Are we uploading this to turnitin.com or are we putting this on our blogs?

I was thinking of the following for my project:

The survival horror genre was molded by the video game series Resident Evil and Silent Hill. While the Silent Hill series has devolved in its progression, the Resident Evil series has abandoned the genre all together in favor of action horror. This paper aims to show this change in genre through a comparison of both games.

I've sent you an email with my proposal.

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