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Your Tips for Writing Game Reviews

The purpose of this assignment is twofold. First, I'd like to draw your attention to the components of a good game review.  Second, I'd like you to get some practice with your SHU weblog.  (I should have e-mailed everyone in the class with login instructions.)

1) Find an online a game review that you feel is particularly detailed and effective. ( It can be any kind of game.)

2) On your own SHU blog, write an entry in which you use your chosen review to help you identify, explain, and give examples of the components of a good game review. (You can refer to other game reviews, especially if you've written any yourself.)

3) Return to this page, and post the URL of your new blog entry. 
Make the page you just created easy for your classmates to find. Because soon you will start visiting your classmates' blogs often, you will appreciate having a convenient way to find what they've written on the assigned topic.
Just paste the URL in the comment box. The system will turn it into a clickable link.
  • Make sure the URL you paste looks like this:


    Not like this (which is too vague)


    And not like this (which is useless to a reader because it points to your editing screen)


  • Explain what's on the other end of the link,
    Something generic such as "Here's my homework" won't encourage anyone to follow the link and see what you have to say.
4) Bonus: Create a Trackback Link
  • Post a link from your new blog entry, back to this page. (From within the Movabyetype editing screen, select the text you want to turn into a link, click the button with chain links (between the S and the envelope icons at the top of the entry editing window). 
  • Explain to anyone who might come across your review what they will find if they should follow your link back to this page.  (You have just created a two-way link that will increase traffic flow between your blog and the course blog.)
If you make a habit of creating two-way links, you will encourage more people to read and comment on your blog entries, which will make your contributions to the online class discussions more visible and influential.)

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