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5.1 Attendance

According to the catalog, "Students are expected to attend every class." (See Seton Hill University Catalog, p. 28-29, "Class Attendance" and "Excused Absences".)  One of the benefits of taking an online course is that you have more flexibility to get the work done on your own schedule. Nevertheless, I do expect to be able to lead the whole class through the material, and that means we all need to keep up with the readings.

The course outline illustrates that assignments are due every day.  About 24 hours after a deadline, I will evaluate late submissions, enter a zero for any missing work, and close out the gradebook entry; when I do so, I do not intend to accept any further submissions for that assignment.

If you are careful about working ahead, you could probably double up on some days in order to arrange to take the next day off, but the course assumes students will check in every day.

Seton Hill University recognizes that extra-curricular activities of all sorts are important components of a liberal arts education. Nevertheless:

  • Students who miss deadlines for any reason are still responsible for the material covered that day.

  • An excused absence does not automatically grant an extension for any work collected, assigned, or discussed that day.

Because the course moves so quickly, procrastinating can lead to big trouble.

According to Seton Hill policy, you must complete 80% of the course material before you qualify for an incomplete, and you must clear the request with the registrar before the last day of classes.

5.1.1. Emergency Absences
Those who miss deadlines due to an unplanned emergency should submit an "Absence Form," with proper documentation, as soon as possible.

For each class that you missed, download and complete a copy of my "Absence Form" (available at http://jerz.setonhill.edu/teaching/Absence.doc). After you initiate this contact, we will start working out whether or what kind of alternative work would be appropriate. (I ask that you resist the impulse to ask me to e-mail you a summary of what you missed. I welcome the chance to help you get caught up, but please first consult the syllabus and a classmate's notes, and then bring any specific questions to me.)  For some instructional activities, there may be no appropriate make-up assignment. (See 5.2 Participation.)

5.1.2. Scheduled Absences
Those who miss a deadline due to a scheduled activity should plan to complete complete all make-up assignments beforehand. In order to give us both time to plan the alternative activity, please submit a complete, acceptable "Absence Form" (see above) as soon as possible.

If there is insufficient time for us to agree upon an acceptable make-up assignment, or if an approved make-up assignment is late or unsatisfactory, then the normal late penalty applies.


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