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5.3 Submissions and Late Work

The course moves so quickly that falling behind can mean serious trouble.

Unless I agree to another arrangement in advance, the following list describes how I will apply late penalties.

  • Up to 1 hour late: Penalty of up to 1/3 of a letter grade (thus an A- would become a B+).
  • 1-8 hours:  Penalty of up to 1 full letter grade.
  • 8-24 hours: Penalty of half the grade (thus, an 80% would become a 40%)
  • 24 hours: Forfeit all points (thus, a zero)
GriffinGate: Unit Workbooks are Time-Sensitive

Some of the units will include online assignments (sets of study questions and short essays that I call "workbooks"), which are intended to be completed before the scheduled class discussion--far enough in advance that I have time to evaluate them and adjust the day's teaching accordingly. The GriffinGate quizzes are designed to lock out when the due date passes. (Obviously in the event of a SHU computer failure, I will be reasonable and flexible.) 

If you miss a workbook deadline, but want to complete the assignment anyway, let me know -- I will unlock that unit after I have marked it.  But once the deadline for a GriffinGate workbook has passed, the opportunity to earn credit for it is gone.

Turnitin.com: Peer Review Assignments are Time-Sensitive
I also want you to submit, via Turnitin.com, assignments designated Exercises and Papers. Some of these assignments have Peer Review components.  This means that the assignment is for you to read and comment on assignments submitted by your peers.  Once the deadline for a PR assignment has passed, you won't be able to complete the assignment at all.

Getting Credit for Late Work
Once I have marked an assignment, I close the slot and don't monitor it to see whether any late papers arrive.  If we have agreed in advance that I would accept an unusually late submission, you will need to remind me to go get work after you upload it.

  1. Send me an e-mail with a subject line like "Yourlastname EL250 Ex 2 Late."  This will let me know to go back and look for your late exercise or project component.  Post your work wherever the assignment said it should be, and you won't need to attach a copy to your e-mail.
  2. If the late work is excused, you can write "Yourlastname EL250 Ex 2 Excused" or you can just remind me in the body of the e-mail.


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