Stack of wooden desk trays with metal supports. #Blender3D. Normal map, glossy map; mahogany, walnut and beech variations.

My goal in trying to do an object each day is to familiarize myself with the workflow, so that I don’t have to keep looking at a list of instructions.

My last few #blender3D experiments with wood objects went so well I thought I’d try an object with two materials. The reflective nature of metal means I had to add a “gloss” map — I should probably have stuck with a single diffuse material. Lots of trial and error.

I realized I have turn off the “glossiness” in order to make the diffuse color maps. With four different styles of wood, with two different types of metal, the normal map, and the gloss map, I had a lot of do-overs, but I managed.

Why ‘Cats’ the Movie Fails So Flamboyantly

I can’t seem to get into superhero movies. The non-stop CGI onslaught just leaves me cold. As an English professor who teaches classes like Shakespeare in Context and World Drama, I do a lot of reading and see a lot of local theatre. But I’m hardly a media snob. For relaxation, I often put on an audiobook and fiddle with the computer graphics modeling package Blender3D. I also enjoy Skyrim,…