Would YOU trade a Hank Aaron rookie card for a Roberto Clemente… for her? Full Bloom (Aug 30-Sept 2)

In Suzanne Bradbeer’s play FULL BLOOM, Jesse (played by Seton Hill’s DeShaun Herzog) owns a prized Hank Aaron Rookie Card. The girl he likes from school, Phoebe (played by Carolyn Jerz), has always wanted the rookie card of her personal hero, Roberto Clemente. As Phoebe goes through a tough emotional struggle in this play, how far will Jesse go to show his support? Will he trade his rookie Hank Aaron…

My wife Leigh will direct the small-cast drama “Full Bloom” Aug 30-Sep 2

My wife Leigh received a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant towards producing the small-cast drama Full Bloom. She’s found a good space and found the right cast, and so we’re doing the whole crazy “Hey, let’s put on a show” thing again! If you’re within shouting distance, and you think the arts should matter in your community, I hope you’ll join us Aug 30-Sep 2.


Bill Murray Admits A Painting Saved His Life

During a February press conference in London, where Murray was promoting “The Monuments Men,” he said: “I thought, ‘Well there’s a girl who doesn’t have a whole lot of prospects, but the sun’s coming up anyway and she’s got another chance at it.’ So I think that gave me some sort of feeling that I too am a person and I get another chance everyday the sun comes up.”