Once again, The Onion gets it right: Clinton Not Expecting To Collect White House Security Deposit

Once again, The Onion gets it right. Clinton Not Expecting To Collect White House Security Deposit Surveying the White House’s walls and bathroom fixtures in preparation for move-out, President Clinton said Monday that he expects to forfeit his security deposit. “It’s just not worth it,” Clinton said. “I’d rather lose the $575 than have to deal with fixing all the nail holes and chipped porticos and stuff.” Noticing a small,…


Who Killed George Washington?

“Once we accept something as ‘good,’ we often persist in doing it even when the result is clearly bad, while telling ourselves that we just haven’t done enough of it. We are subject to a defect of reason…” Dave Kopel —Who Killed George Washington? (National Review)

Healing the Web

The lessons I learned in just over an hour showed me how poor most Websites are and just how easy it would be for companies to perform their own usability tests to fix a lot of the problems.–David Lidsky, Healing the Web Update: Dec 2014. I originally blogged the above back in 2001. Lidsky’s brief article, written as the dot-com economic bubble was collapsing, introduces small-business owners to the concept of usability testing. Executives who…

MLA-Style Bibliography Builder

— updated to handle web sources  Choose a form, fill it out, and push the button… you will get an individual MLA “Works Cited” entry, which you may then copy and paste into your word processor. Dennis G. Jerz —MLA-Style Bibliography Builder

David Carkeet exposes Titanic blunders

Every damn fool knows that the phrase “masters of the universe” came from a 1980s TV show. So why did they put that anachronism in the Titanic movie script? After spending all that money on sets and special effects, did they have nothing left to hire a starving English grad student? And when Rose gives the finger? Please! David Carkeet exposes Titanic blunders.