Parody? Activism? Lies?

Which is real and which is fake? The website behind curtain number one?  Or the website behind curtain number two? Read about The Yes Men, who use a fake World Trade Organization website to trick the organizers of an international conference. (See: “Evaluating Online Sources.“)Parody? Activism? Lies?

Digital photos "endanger the past"

Digital cameras are great, because you can preview the shots immediately, and delete the ones that aren’t any good. “But if a photographer is focused on getting three, four or five pictures to the news desk as quickly as possible, he is not just getting rid of the rubbish; he’s not entering the alternative viewpoint into the process.”  —Digital photos “endanger the past”BBC)

Bowlderlized by Microsoft

Like the dystopian autocracy depicted in George Orwell’s novel 1984, Microsoft has a policy of eliminating “offensive” words from its official dictionary. (A Slashdot poster asks, “Do we really want to trust Microsoft to make decisions on our behalf regarding our use of language?”) —Bowlderlized by Microsoft (NY Times — registration req’d)

Battle for Internet Dominance

Charging that Microsoft has started hijacking browser users who mistype an address (users are sent to a Microsoft page rather than shown a generic error message), Yahoo! has started doing some hijacking of its own.  Microsoft has started excluding non-MS users from parts of its website (which, thanks in part to the hijacking described above, regularly ranks among the most visited sites on the Internet.)   My favorite company, Jupiter Media…