Worst Manual Contest

"The instructions in this manual explain more about how to get fired than about how to succeed at work…. For instance, employees are asked to follow ‘rules’ that include stealing, disobedience, and excessive absenteeism (or should they have been termed ‘actions that may result in termination’?)." (Suggested by Jason Amdor.) —Worst Manual ContestTechnical Standards, Inc.)

Turn of the Century [the standardization of screws]

"Whether made by the Gap or American Eagle, a pair of khakis with a 32-inch inseam and a 34-inch waist will fit you just about the same. A Panasonic phone will plug into the jacks in your home as easily as a phone from AT&T…. Today, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, there are close to 800,000 global standards. But go back a century and a half…