America's Might: A Comic Tale

“MIT professors claim the gear would let grunts leap 20-foot walls, become nearly invisible on command, deflect bullets, heal their wounds quickly, protect against chemical and biological agents — and strike fear into the hearts of evildoers everywhere. ” Noah Shachtman —America’s Might: A Comic TaleWired) The researchers reportedly used a comic book hero as an illustration in their $50 million grant proposal.

Is Our Children Learning?

“But after spending 20 minutes just designing the introduction page, the students still can’t answer the most basic question: What does the liver do? ‘I don’t know; we were supposed to do the gallbladder,’ answers a shy Latino girl with pigtails. They are learning how to use PowerPoint, but they have no idea what the content means.” Julie Landry — Wayback Archive: Is Our Children Learning? (Red Herring)

There's No Place to Hide

“The next word in security is a system so thorough that it will reveal even the contents of a cigarette pack hidden in your coat pocket. Developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the scanner uses holographic imaging technology to provide full-body, 360-degree coverage of a person in near real time. ” —There’s No Place to HideWired)