Michigan Sherrif's Office Duped by Onion Satire

“In a four-paragraph release sent to area news organizations Tuesday, the sheriff department reported the investigation of several complaints of possible telemarketing fraud in the area, especially targeted at the elderly…. Detective Dan Nichols, who wrote the release, said Tuesday he did collect some of the information from The Onion, not knowing it was a humor publication.” —Michigan Sherrif’s Office Duped by Onion SatireBattle Creek Enquirer)

the history of computer games: from 'pong' to 'pac-man'

“in the beginning, there was nothing. well, actually, there was pinball, some shooting gallery games, a few nickel peep-show machines and those mechanical genies that would guess your weight and give a glimpse of your future.” william hunter —the history of computer games: from ‘pong’ to ‘pac-man’designboom) Hey designboom webmaster… your “Shift” key is broken!

Visible Earth

“The purpose of NASA’s Visible Earth is to provide a consistently updated, central point of access to the superset of NASA’s Earth science-related images, animations, and data visualizations. These images are considered to be public domain and, as such, are freely available to the interested public-at-large, the media, scientists, and educators for re-use and/or re-publication.” —Visible EarthNASA)

The Languages of the Classroom

“Ebonics may be an inferior dialect of English (contributors vilify that notion), but communicating that to students won’t encourage them to practice [Standard English]. The cultural roots run too deep, and for every student who masters SE there are are a dozen who tune out, react in anger, and disappear.” Review of The Skin That We Speak: Thoughts on Language and Culture in the Classroom. —The Languages of the ClassroomPartisan…

Has Online Content Jumped the Shark?

“We despised the Dockers-wearing advertising-executive manqués who somehow scammed enough money to start up Web sites that gave license to appalling ideas, chief among them convergence….It seems that online content has fossilized. Online ventures doing exactly the wrong thing or the right thing the wrong way are no longer the norm…” —Has Online Content Jumped the Shark?NUblog) Commercial content has failed; weblogs have claimed the web. But now what?