Mel Gibson to Direct Film in Latin and Arabic

“Mel Gibson is set to direct a movie about Christ’s last 12 hours played out entirely in two ancient tongues – Latin and Aramaic – with no subtitles. The formula hardly sounds like the recipe for a hit movie but Gibson thinks language should be no barrier for the film, titled Passion.” —Mel Gibson to Direct Film in Latin and ArabicABC Australia)

A Former Student Says "Hi"

A former freshman comp student: “I figure you’re about neck deep with groans and complaints from your ‘newbies’ right now, so I thought this might be a good time to say ‘Thank you. I was very fortunate to be in your class. No other class ever has, nor I suspect ever will, prepare me as thoroughly.’” A Former Student Says “Hi”Via E-Mail) It’s e-mails like this that really make teaching…

Deep Fried Twinkie

“Described by those who’ve tried it as ‘souffle-like,’ the deep-fried Twinkie has become so popular that it has been mentioned by Jay Leno and will be featured on the Food Network.” —Deep Fried TwinkieCox) Can you tell that I’m hungry right now?