The Ubiquity, Functions, And Contexts Of Bullshitting

“This paper proceeds first by reviewing literature on bullshitting. I then provide the definition of bullshitting that guides the subsequent analysis, and include a description of its key features. A brief discussion of the ubiquity of bullshitting also is provided. Drawing on related research, illustrations from everyday life, and social theory, I next explore the functions of bullshitting and the interpersonal and social contexts in which it occurs and that…

In and Out of Elevators in Japan

“Japanese never touch. It’s not even customary among themselves when they meet to shake hands. So how to explain why this woman would so casually reach over and adjust my collar? In public! And yet, not exactly…. My moment of contact, I concluded, could have only happened in an elevator, and then perhaps only in Japan.” Terry Caesar —In and Out of Elevators in JapanJournal of Mundane Behavior)