Love Online

“The exchange of love letters was central to the courtship of my grandparents (who were separated by the First World War) and of my parents (who were separated by my father’s service after the Second World War). By the time that my wife and I were courting, we handed our love letters back and forth in person and read them aloud to each other….The love letter was a residual form-though…

The Space Elevator

“Standing on the Earth at the base of this ‘beanstalk’ it would look unusual but simple, a cable attached to the ground and going straight up out of sight. Now even the youngest of you reading this manuscript will know that a rope can not simply hang in mid-air, it will fall. This is true in all of our everyday situations; however, a 60,000-mile long cable sticking up into space…

Space Shuttle Launch Videos

NASA’s description of the stunning video is hardly enticing. “For the first time, a camera mounted to the space shuttle’s External Tank offered a view of the ride to orbit. In this video, the first two minutes of ascent show Space Shuttle Atlantis’ nose and belly, with one Solid Rocket Booster on the extreme left of the frame.” —Space Shuttle Launch VideosNASA)

The Times' Push Poll

“For decades, responsible journalists refused even to cover public-opinion polls. Then, in a turnaround, they began to conduct them and treat their findings as hard news. Now the process has come full circle: Journalists appear to be using polls to generate the conclusions they want and to validate their own pre-existing theses and hypotheses.” Dick Morris —The Times‘ Push PollNY Post)

800-Mile-Wide "Object" Found in Solar System

“Astronomers announced today the discovery of the largest object in the solar system since Pluto was named the ninth planet in 1930. The object is half the size of Pluto, composed primarily of rock and ice, and circles the sun once every 288 years. ” —800-Mile-Wide “Object” Found in Solar SystemNat’l Geo)

All About Bob [Barker]

“Last year Wooten founded The Disciples of Bob Barker in an effort to spread the joy of the beloved game show ‘The Price is Right.’ Since then, the club has gained official status [at U.Va.]. ‘I can’t believe it either,’ Club President Wooten remarked… ‘and you can quote me on that.’” —All About Bob [Barker]Cavalier Daily)